OSADH™ is a website operated by WESTEND RHINO PRIVATE LIMITED and this SHIPPING POLICY, contains the details of the methods involved in delivery, the periods and the charges that are applied to the orders for the products made through our website.

The policy does not create the legally enforceable rights and the obligations in fact it merely indicates the usual practices involved in the relation to the delivery of the products.

Once the payment is made neither OSADH nor PAYMENT GATEWAY will be responsible for refunds.

  • OSADH charges between Rs 50-Rs300 per invoice for delivery depending upon the radius from the operating location.
  • For the nearby area of Gurugram, Delivery charges will depend and can be increased as well if the areas of the delivery range beyond the limit from the operating location.
  • Delivery charges are only meant for the radius of location from operating zone and for the size of the order. Customer can place as small as or as big as order for the products. There is no limit applied for variants of the size of the order. Weight also matter, only charges are applied for the location and for the orders above 10Kg will be charged accordingly (customer, will be contracted and information will be provided-customer will be requested to pay the additional amount through medium of UPI).
  • OSADH calculate the delivery charges at the time of generating the invoices by the website and it will automatically applied to the order placed before checkout process.
  • COD is strictly not available. Payment has to be made at the time of generating the order.
  • If in case, the radius seems to be exceeded and the charges are not applied in the invoice. The customer will be requested and contacted to pay the rest of amount through the UPI mode before preceding the order itself.
  • All orders placed after 4:00 P.M. are obvious to get delivered/ dispatched the next working day.
  • OSADH provides the easy tracking of status. Once the order has been placed, customer is regularly being notified through status till order gets delivered.
  • Tracking of delivery is available in the concern of all products which are ordered.
  • OSADH sends own people for delivery within the town. If, in case there is an order outside the hometown, channel will be arranged, and the customer will be regularly updated for the same.
  • OSADH uses proper channel of contacting customer and notifies every single action.