At OSADH we believe that “Old is Gold” when it comes to food. We go back in time to preserve the good old fashioned goodness and nutrients in the way it was meant to be but add the dash of convenience in the way it is meant to be eaten today. With our wide varieties of staples, condiments, super foods, we are committed to serving you a truly amazing array that makes every meal nutritious. It is about going back to the basics. After all, Nutrition is our only tradition.

OSADH is leading brand of nutritional pure and unprocessed foods at affordable prices. We resolved to bring change to our food industry by producing pure, unprocessed and chemical free foods with its nutritional benefits. And going forward we will continue to strive and innovate our products to meet the expectations of our valued customers.

We started the company by keeping in mind to produce and bring natural and chemical free products like honey, Murabba and adding many more natural products soon.